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At Mark Holmes Auto Engineering we use BG Products

Your garage recommends you use BG Products to clean, or keep clean, the inside of your car's engine. A clean engine is more efficient, therefore more economical and more powerful.

BG Protects at Mark Holmes Auto Engineering, Garage Services Fleetwood

BG Products maintain a integrated management system to provide products that meet our customers needs, while reducing the environmental impacts of its activities and operations in a safe and healthy manner.

BG Products are also the leading manufacture and supplier of all vehicle oil and fuel conditioners.

So gain peace of mind about the ongoing performance of your engine's critical components, whilst saving you money and lowering emissions.

Ask about BG's best-in-class Products and Services for:

  • Fuel systems
  • Engines
  • Transmissions
  • Brakes
  • Power steering
  • Cooling
  • Driveline
  • Air conditioning

Good, Better and...Best

Fuel System Cleaner = Fuel System Cleaning

Fuel System Cleaner & Engine Flush = Performance / MPG Guaranteed

Fuel System Cleaner & Engine Flush & Oil Conditioner = Free Engine Protection Plan

The engine protection plan gives you coverage of 12,500 miles.
All other components give 30,000 miles of free protection.

Plus, the protection will carry on for up to 150,000 miles provided the service is repeated.

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